Blogs in Kenya

Are you a Kenyan and already blogging? if you are not already enlisted, please feel free to drop me a line on what you are blogging and your blog address to be listed herein.

Great and may you keep the debate rolling.

The top blogs include but not limited to:

The Journalist’s Diary-on every day’s news worthy encounters on Business and social advisory

Focuspointwriters a platform for writers, researchers and online marketers

Capital news’ Rob Jillo’s Blog on Kenya’s current affairs

Green Kenya by Peter Njenga

Wanjiku and Technology

Jobs in Kenya-A collection of jobs in Kenya

TechKenya.comTechnology for Developing Kenya.

www.– blogging in alphabetical letters, he says are not a blog but an online shopping site where Kenyans can auction thier products, shop online, bid, buy and sell virtually anything online. Please check out our site. Registering will put you in a position to win some freebies including airtime and some gadgets. all about religion covering construction industry


54 responses to “Blogs in Kenya

  1. I have a blog which i think ought to appear in your list :

  2. Got a nice list up there. I was wondering how I can submit my blog to this site too. It actually delves in the craft of writing for blogs, ebooks and books, environment, law, politics etc.

  3. i like blogging about anything you can check

  4. 3707 is a subscription service that is easy to use, incredibly powerful and a successful tool for finding information. Amazingly it only costs 5/=. 3707 subscribers enjoy the freedom to choose what they want and when they want it.
    3707 works across all networks in Kenya (Safaricom, Zain, Yu and Orange). Once you receive an SMS from 3707, you will be charged 5/=.

  5. Ciri’s Life Coach is all about Lifestyle, Technology and Personal Finance

  6. i would like to join you people.what will i do?good day

  7. This is also a Kenya blog, titled New media and Politics. It discusses Kenyan politics and takes a stock of key political doucuments.
    Its anchored on the fact that significant access to new media technologies in Africa is increasing at a rapid speed hence creating a new and expanded public sphere that is granting citizens some power to get involved in the political debate and discussion. These new forms of communications, through their social and online networks, are actually conducting and reconfiguring African politics and its processes.

    Please add it to the list of Kenyan blogs

  8. Sawa Chinta. Already added

  9. Nairobi – Thika Highway Improvement Project. The Construction of East & Central Africa’s Finest Superhighway.

    Please add it to the list of Kenya’s blogs.

  10. Nice List of Kenyan blogs

  11. Kenya is a great Nation and we need to let the world see this

  12. Sorry. Such content is prohibited on this site. Thanks

  13. Great job getting the blogs together in one place!

  14. is a full Kenyan blog dedicated to Kisii Town and the surrounding regions especially Nyanza.Some useful info on travel,leisure,tourism and more.Its worth checking out if you need to know something about Kisii and the surrounding regions.

  15. Focuspointwriters

    I really like your blog its just great , its one of the blogs i’ll keep visiting and directing my fellow writers to it . Focuspointwriters is an online writing firm in kenya that offers all kind of writing services at the cheapest market price , we at focuspoint we focus at quality content and our accomplishment rate is superb . If interest in any of our services visit us at and we will contact you immediately .

  16. Focuspointwriters

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  17. We are not a blog but an online shopping site where Kenyans can auction thier products, shop online, bid, buy and sell virtually anything online.
    Please check out our site. Registering will put you in a position to win some freebies including airtime and some gadgets.

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  19. Good work. I’m a blogger at Toprated Tips. Check it out at Thanks for the good work once more

  20. I have a News blog called Mara Hiyo Hiyo

  21. Could you please add me on your list.i am a Kenyan. I have a blog called a journal about my experiences living in China for the past two years.

  22. Soon my blog will also be there .Its a news content blog with lots of others features coming up .

  23. Add Mara Hiyo Hiyo News Blog

  24. A blogger at check it out. Also, nominated for the category of Best Technology Blog awards, you can vote for me on by selecting!

  25. That post is so knowledgeable for every person, who visit this blog. Now online shopping is the most popular way for buy some best item or product. know more about with this blog –

  26. Add Mara Hiyo Hiyo News Blog at

  27. Am a blogger and i write about politics,social,economic issues among others. Follow me(Astute Kenyan ) @

  28. Daily Kenyan

  29. And drop me your email at Thanks.


    Campus Blog & Online Shopping Platform for campus students
    Fresh Campus insights & brand new goods at student friendly prices

  31. We review some of the best web hosting services in Kenya. Add us to your list

  32. Good to see we are appreciating blogs and more and more content is created each day on Kenyan blogs lets keep the spirit. Thanks for your list.

  33. An Agribusiness blog which focuses on promotion of Agriculture and value-addition especially among the youth.

  34. Hi there, am a young blogger from the great nation Kenya.
    I blog about social media, online marketing, SEO, etc
    i’l appriciate to be added on the list and all are welcome at to learn those social media tricks that will increase your following.

  35. A Kenyan life blogger. Well, I blog about life and life style, sometimes I address current affairs but basically it’s a life blog in relations to daily occurrences and tendencies.

  36. Thanks for such a great list, I am working towards coming to Kenya tech market. This seems to be a very good list to get me started on how it is to invest in the Kenya and Africa technology market. I will be reading your blog regularly. Thanks

  37. Add I write for various businesses giving them content their clients the content they will want to talk about and share

  38. a Price Comparison website for Kenya has been launched January 2015.

  39. Hello
    I would also love for my blog to be included here. Its new…

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