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How jailed criminals use mobile technology to ‘remain in business’

They are smart and aggressive. They sometimes sound professional and calculative but at times they employ scare tactics to extort money from innocent, gullible or terrified citizens.

That sums up the hardcore criminals at Kenya’s Kamiti Maximum Prison who use mobile phones to commit crimes.

A phone user scrolling though the M-Pesa menu

Joseck  Ombasa, a resident of Maili nane in Kitale remember vividly how he lost sh9,000 from his Mpesa account  in December last year. Continue reading


Book on M-Pesa launched in Kenya

Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Robert Collymore address journalist during the release of the company results on November 10 2010.

Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Robert Collymore at a past function.

The first book that documents the  impact that M-PESA has had on the lives of users in Kenya  is now available in Kenya. The journey and impact of Safaricom’s money transfer service, M-Pesa, has now been documented in a book.

The book titled “Money, Real Quick- The story of M-PESA” has been co-authored by Tonny Omwansa, a lecturer at the university of Nairobi and Nicholas Sullivan, a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Emerging Market Enterprises with funding from Rockefeller. Continue reading

All you need to know about Kenya Power prepaid meters

With inflation biting hard and the cost of essential goods hitting the roof, watching your power expenditure, which we have been told is set to go up some more at the end of this month, is something you need to do.

Using gadgets in the house indiscriminately without a hint on how much power they are consuming can lead to unnecessary but avoidable costs.

Many of us will use the remote to switch  the TV or stereo on or off and then leave the appliance running on standby the whole day and night. Continue reading

Kenya’s CIO 100 awards to attract over 600 entries, says Hare

Harry Hare Director CIO 100, harry.hare@cio.co.ke

Harry Hare Director CIO 100 harry.hare@cio.co.ke

More African countries have joined competition for Kenya’s CIO 100 innovation awards.
According to CIO director, Mr Harry Hare, the competition has so far attracted 320 entries but the number is expected to rise by the close of the entry period. Continue reading

InMobi’s new mobile payments service to reach three billion users in 30 countries in 2011

By James Ratemo in Nairobi

InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, announced the launch of InMobi SmartPay™, a performance based global mobile payments solution. Continue reading

Mpesa in Uganda…why the delay!

If you cant provide it , they will steal it…this is absolutely true with popular services across the globe…consumers are so thirsty of services and when  providers delay to offer the service, unscrupulous dealers will step in to make a kill…often to the detriment of consumers.

It will be interesting to watch the Mpesa theft in Uganda unveil…I am informed that some dealers have been offering the service behind Safaricom’s back.

This is what the Safaricom Limited CEO, Michael Joseph says:

“We do not have permission to operate M-Pesa in Uganda and therefore have no Safaricom agents there. What is happening is that some people are using Safaricom SIM cards there and using the M-Pesa functionality to facilitate transfers and payments. Theoretically if both parties are on Safaricom and there are (illegal) M-Pesa agents there then the service will and does work. We are looking at ways of restricting this but as you can imagine it’s quite difficult without impeding other services such as voice and data. When the CBK authorize our International Money Transfer service then we can set up official agents in Uganda and then exercise stronger control.”
Continue reading