DaktariPopote mobile app brings health services to comfort of your home

By James Ratemo,

Technology is percolating all spheres of our lives.

DaktariPopote, a healthcare consultation app was launched this week by Global Technologies Ltd.

The app is a mobile and web based consultancy service that will aid people in acquiring health consultancy services from General Doctors, Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Pediatricians, Sexual Health Advisors, Dieticians & Nutritionists, Urologists, ENT specialists, Psychologists/Counsellors etc at the comfort of their home, office or any other place.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) figures, Kenya’s doctor to patient ratio currently stands at an alarming one doctor to 100,000 patients. DaktariPopote is meant to reduce the huge burden that many Kenyans face in seeing health specialists including long distances, long waiting hours and high cost of medical consultations.

Statistics show that only 28 percent of health issues require a physical examination by doctors and a substantial 72 percent of health issues are common illnesses that do not require physical examination. DaktariPopote can be used for the 72 percent of health issues confidently.
According to Chris Oyugi, Director, Global Technologies Ltd, the service is low cost, convenient and confidential.

“Doctors are able to send prescriptions through the app and patients can visit the nearest pharmacy for the medications. The app enables people to take and send pictures to doctors or attach test results such as X-ray, Ultra sound etc. People have 5 days to chat with the health specialist for free after paying the consultation fee. This will allow the specialist to follow up on how they are progressing. Users can consult health specialists through a WhatsApp like chat, audio or video,” says Oyugi.

In a written statement, Mr Oyugi says all doctors who are available for consultation are qualified and licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. Other specialists are also qualified and registered by their bodies.
People can download the app from Google store through the link http://tinyurl/daktaripopote or through the DaktariPopote website http://www.daktaripopote.com . Users also have an option of using the service directly from the DaktariPopote website.
The website and app also features useful health tools like BMI Calculator, Ovulation Calculator and Due Date Calculator.

DaktariPopote is currently working on partnerships with pharmacies, clinics, and labs so users can get prescriptions, follow up healthcare, or tests if necessary.


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