SEACOM wades deeper into Tanzania via CDNetworks

seacomSEACOM is expanding footprint in East Africa with Tanzania being its latest attraction.

The company has deployed CDNetworks content clusters and caching nodes on its Pan-African IP network in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

SEACOM Kenya Country Manager Joseph Muriithi says the nodes will provide for faster download speeds, better user experience and more level playing field in the innovation space for East African internet users.

The nodes will accelerate and optimize HTTP content, rich media, downloadable files, video, music, software updates and other Web content requested by operators and Internet Service Providers connected to SEACOM’s IP network.

African end-users will in turn enjoy lower latency, faster speeds and more reliable service when accessing popular web services and content from around the world.

“This brings us one step closer to making internet a common commodity in the East African region,” he adds.

Jeff Kim, CDNetworks Chief Operating Officer for US and Europe, Middle East and Africa says that with the company’s caching technology deployed in SEACOM’s network, Africa ISPs can now deliver global website content much faster to end-users, providing a better online experience.

Mark Tinka, SEACOM’s Head of Engineering said the company will continue to develop new partnerships and expand its network and IP Transit offerings to help operator and service provider customers to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive and highly-evolving African marketplace.

“Bringing content to Africa, and making it freely available to all our existing and growing customer base means a richer and more rewarding internet experience for them. We shall continue this trend so our customers get the most out of their service with SEACOM.”

SEACOM’s IP network was named as the Best Pan-Africa initiative at the 2013 AfricaCom Awards.


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