CCTV to make Nairobi traffic cops redundant

The traffic chaos in Nairobi Roads will come to an end in March 2014 as CCTV cameras take over from policemen.

This follows installation of CCTV cameras to man all roads and roundabouts in the city instead of traffic police officers as has been the norm.

Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero said the cameras will officially be launched in March this year and will be efficient unlike the officers who often cause snarl ups due to poor control of traffic flow.

According to Kidero, where there is electronic traffic control system there is no need to add human intervention.

The plan is part of recommendations by a committee tasked with making Nairobi safe and free of congestion.

With the CCTV cameras he said number of road accidents on Nairobi roads could reduce.

Kidero said the cameras will help monitor drivers who beak traffic laws or those that cause accidents.

With the installations, if drivers break any traffic laws (jump lights, make U-turns, wrong turns, overtake in restricted areas, enter through no entry areas or pick at the wrong points) their vehicle registration plate will be captured on camera and a warrant of arrest issued.

Better still,  the cameras are never turned off (24/7) hence drivers should not be fooled by low traffic, early morning or late night hours, weekends, Sundays and public holidays.  Since there will be a camera record of all these acts, a not guilty plea in court may not stand.

Once the system becomes operational it is expected to come with trickle-down benefits including  better road traffic enforcement, facilitation of various emergency response providers (ambulances, emergency rescue, fire-fighting teams), and aid commercial solution providers such as vehicle tracking companies, logistics or security companies.



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