Two Kenyans emerge tops in Vodafone app star competition

Kenyans have stolen the show in the first ever Vodafone App Star Challenge held in South Africa.

Mr Gerald Kibugi won the first prize with his game app ‘Tough Jungle’ that introduces users to Kenya’s culture and history in an interactive way. 

“Tough Jungle sees the player represented as a Maasai warrior who faces various challenges in the jungle, such as lions and has to shoot them with arrows. There are various levels through the game which are unlocked with the completion of each level,” reads the app’s brief.

The Appstar competition was seeking the best new mobile applications from Kenya, South Africa, Lesotho, Egypt and Tanzania.

Gilbert Rono with his educational app, Eureka, emerged second.

Mr Rono is a first year student at the Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) taking Computer Science and Mathematics.

“Eureka displays solutions to mathematical and arithmetic problems while also displaying a step to step solution to the problem,”

Gerald Kibugi bagged US $ 25,000 (KSh. 2.15 million) while Gilbert Rono was awarded $ 15,000 (KSh. 1.29 million).

In the Kenyan chapter sponsored by Safaricom, Tough Jungle also won KSh. 1.1 million in the appstar finals while Eureka took home KSh. 600,000.

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