Nairobi to rollout CCTV surveillance to curb insecurity

Kenya has finally okayed tender to install CCTV cameras in its capital city, Nairobi, to curb rising insecurity.

The East African country has given tender to install the surveillance to a state owned Chinese firm, Ms Nanjing Les Information Technologies.

The award of the tender was floated in June 2012 but had been delayed after one bidder, HF Fire International, who was among the top five finalists appealed to the Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) on September 27, contesting the award done on September 14.

According to the minister for the Nairobi Metropolitan Development Jamleck Kamau, the multimillion Integrated Urban Surveillance System (IUSS) project is to be completed by end of January 2013.

The CCTV system will help monitor the Central Business District and its environs.

The system will see 51 cameras located across the city to enable live streaming of video as well as record and store the video for review if need arises.

Areas to be covered include: Kenyatta National Hospital, Country Bus Station, Muthurwa Market, Kirinyaga Road, Gikomba and Machakos.

The cameras will also be positioned at Kencom House Bus stage, Ambassador Bus stage, Railways terminus, Tea Room, Odeon, KICC, Afya House, Macmillan Library, Gill House, City Market, GPO, Cross Road, OTC, and Nyayo House among other locations.

One response to “Nairobi to rollout CCTV surveillance to curb insecurity

  1. The security industry is dominated by what are called Analog Cameras, and depending on the source of the statistics, it is thought that presently somewhere between 70%-90% of all CCTV Surveillance systems deployed are analog. It should be noted that there are no fundamental deficiencies with the analog camera, but depending on your requirements, the new IP range of CCTV Surveillance (see below for explanation) most certainly provide far clearer images, and ones that can be relied upon to actually identify the person, whereas the analog range essentially struggles with this.

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