East Africa Com series opens in Nairobi on Tuesday

The 7th annual technology conference, East Africa Com, opens in Nairobi on Tuesday, 17th April.

The Information Technology summit runs from 17- 18 of April in Nairobi where the Exhibition aims to give delegates an overview of all the latest “need to know” topics on the world’s foremost technology and solution providers.

About 600 decision makers from across the entire Digital Ecosystem such as service providers, social media players, apps developers, content providers, digital media brands and mobile advertisers have confirmed participation.

“The East Africa Com conference agenda addresses the hottest topics facing the Digital ecosystem in East Africa…Each session is about stimulating discussion using a series of C-Level roundtables, interviews, presentations, case studies and question and answer panel sessions,” reads the conference agenda sheet at a glance.

The meeting comes at a time when Africa is increasingly drawing global attention for its rapid growth in mobile telephony and associated sectors.

Across Africa, mobile technology is becoming a cornerstone for industries like health care and agriculture and for millions it is making banking truly accessible for the first time.

According to a GSMA report of 2011 “nearly 90 per cent of all phones in Africa are mobile phones” and by end of 2012 there would be 735 million mobile subscribers in Africa.

Latest statistics form Communication Commission of Kenya indicates that close to 18 million Kenyans use mobile phones as a bank account, depositing and transferring money remotely to avoid excessive travel and wait times.

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