Digital TV goes live in Nairobi, Kenya

Residents of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi can now enjoy high quality digital broadcasting.

The DVB T2 (The digital broadcasting technology adopted by the Kenya government) signal is now on air in Nairobi, and will soon be available in other parts of the country.

Around Nairobi, the signal can be received in Ngong, Kajiado, parts of Machakos, Kiambu, Thika, parts of Muranga, and some parts of Embu.

The Government today announced that by July 2012, the DVB T2 digital TV signal would be available in 70% of the count
Briefing the stakeholders on the status of the migration process, Information and Communications Permanent Secretary Dr. Bitange Ndemo said the Government was committed to ensuring that all Kenyans have access to digital TV services.

The Permanent Secretary called on the private sector to import DVB T2 compliant set top boxes for sale in the country to facilitate access to digital TV services by the public.

“We shall continue engaging the Treasury with a view to ensuring a waiver of import duty on digital TV decoders to make the devices more affordable to Wananchi,” Dr. Ndemo said.

He also called on all TV broadcasters to put their content on the DVB T2 platform for wider viewership across the country.
Broadcasters who fail to adopt digital technology, said Dr. Ndemo, would not survive as the digital technology would in the near future change the broadcasting landscape radically.

Ag. CCK Director General Mr. Francis Wangusi urged consumers to only buy type approved set top boxes. He assured those interested in importing DVB T2 decoders for sale in the country of CCK’s speedy type approval of the gadgets.

Mr. Wangusi said the Government would, through CCK, soon launch a consumer awareness campaign to educate consumers on various aspects of the migration from analogue to digital TV broadcasting.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) Managing Director Mr. Waithaki Waihenya said SIGNET’s digital TV signal would be available in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri and Nakuru by June 2012. The Pan African Network CEO Mr. Michael Wu said his firm would have a footprint in the major towns in Kenya by the end of the year. The Pan African Network is the second digital signal distributor in the country.

Speaking on behalf of the broadcasters, Radio Africa CEO Mr. Patrick Quarcco called on the Government and CCK to promote the local film industry in order to ensure production of quality local content.

Nation Media Group’s CEO Linus Gitahi said the entire local broadcast industry would now join the DVB T2 platform in light of the roll out the DVB T2 infrastructure.

Digital TV broadcasting offers higher spectrum efficiency, better picture quality and clearer sound. It also supports more value added services and greater interactivity such as electronic programming guides (EPG), games.


28 responses to “Digital TV goes live in Nairobi, Kenya

  1. anthony kamau

    i am tony frm kikuyu where can one purchase the set top box? my e mail address is

  2. anthony kamau

    thanks james i will definately do that

  3. Kathleen ludeki

    when do we in in ukunda south coast get this service?

  4. Where to buy?

  5. Mombasa is covered…I hope Ukunda is too but if not, the boosters shall reach you soon

  6. How much does the dvb t2 cost?

  7. When will Eldy by covered?

    • By end of this year I presuppose but the government will be alerting the Nation on the progress. So please relax but be ready for the switch over

  8. How can i get this gagdet around kasarani and does it require any special connection to my tv?

  9. Stanley Mwinami

    I bought the government approved DVB T set box last year at Kshs. 6999/-. Can the CCK find ways to upgrade the older version to the new version or better exchange with the new one.

    • DVBT-2 is the approved version. I think you need to buy the right one if the one you have is not DVBT-2. The govt had raised alarm that wrong set-top boxes were being sold. I have not heard of an exchange program

  10. anthony kamau

    i went to a star times shop at tom mboya st and the decoder cost 3k but u hav to suscribe to a bouque least costing 499 a month . the only available local channel so far is kbc the negotiations with the other local channels are still going on

  11. is there a shop selling digital tvs in nairobi or do i have to use the converter

  12. am selling a zuku dish and decoder at 5500, enjoy 80 channels for 800 and if you choose to switch to DSTV you can use the zuku dish

  13. I bought a digital set box the other day, the pictures are crystal clear. It is as if you are watching a movie. If you have not bought, it is worthy buying.

  14. i wanted to buy a dvb-t2 set box , i went to a shop in the cbd nairobi and i was
    told that the cheapest price i could get a
    decoder is 7745 /which is almost 8000 why selling so expensive and tax was removed.only a hand full of wealthy people can buy, surely are we going to move anywhere with such a prise?

  15. I av bee looking 4 approved DVT2 set box. In which shops are they available here in Nairobi, which r free to air?

  16. Wea in Nairobi can i get the set-top box.

  17. The govt should remove all taxes of DVB-T2 to sell like 2000 ksh so that every home can own it


    when will signet signal cover naivasha?


    By now is signet signal clearly received in Naivasha?

  20. am in muranga town can i benefit with digital frequences

  21. hi,guys i’m Terry from Rockdale Africa and we are selling the Rockdale DVB-T2 set box approved by the CCK,you can reach me on 0736949042 or

  22. peter mogeni onyancha

    Where can I purchase the set top box.

  23. I would like to be supplied by the signet Co. with a stock. of the. dvb-t2 sets at my shop in kerugoya town.

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