Kenya: Opportunity for upcoming Kenyan and commonwealth filmmakers

Are you bubbling with film ideas on love? If yes this is your opportunity.

Filmmakers from Commonwealth Countries are invited by the Commonwealth foundation to submit an idea for a short film about relationships.

Individual filmmakers or collectives should submit a proposal which explores the theme of love in its broadest sense, whether inter-racial, inter-generational or within and between the sexes.
The theme should be relevant to the filmmaker and their community.

The Foundation is looking for original, bold and authentic films in any genre which entertain as well as stimulate and encourage debate both locally and globally.


Open to Commonwealth citizens
Applicants must be aged 18 or over
Open to new and emerging film makers working in appropriate media (film, video, new media)
Applications must be made via the online application form
Please note applications can only be made by individual filmmakers or groups of individuals (i.e. collectives). The Foundation is not accepting applications from registered organisations.

Deadline for applications is 31 January 2012 (5pm GMT)

for more information visit the link below.


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