SAP partners CIO 100 awards, urges adoption of mobility, automation

Winners of the CIO 100 awards will be known at an awards gala on November 29th to 30th with more partners  coming up to ensure the event is a success.

SAP, a leading global business software company has pledged its financial and logistical support to the annual event that rewards introduced in 2010 to celebrate organisations that have used information technology in innovative ways to deliver business value.

“SAP has been supporting the CIO 100 from its inception last year and we feel that this is a key event to continue to be associated with as it pays tribute to the unsung heroes of organisational transformation and success,” said  Andrew Waititu SAP General Manager, East Africa.

Mr Waititu urged governments  to automate their own services for easy accessibility by citizens first, in order to become more efficient, reduce expenditure, put in controls, measures and checks that will allow them to be more transparent and easy to interact with.

He said mobility is the next frontier businesses must explore to remain competitive and relevant in the fast changing technology field.

Mobility, he said, is transforming the way businesses are run. A mobilized workforce is more productive, since employees can now do their job any time, from any location, rather than being tethered to their office. Making business processes location independent enables companies not only to optimize their workforce productivity but furthermore create complete new differentiating offers.

“Think about handling your sales opportunities directly from you mobile device or a consumer submits a service request including a picture directly from a Smartphone. A mobilized workforce and consumer are far more responsive to business needs, since by definition they are able to respond quickly to real-time developments. Those companies that make mobile technology integral to their business strategies will gain competitive advantages and bigger market share in the years to come,” he advised

With more and more companies being faced with challenges to handle huge volumes of data, Mr Waititu stressed on the need for businesses to embrace unified technology solutions that are affordable and tailored for many functions.

“Traditionally we are known for Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) software, however, SAP recognizes that it’s not a one-size (or even a one-solution) fits-all world. Customers have different needs and require technology to fit their business strategy and goals. While some companies are looking to run their business on a complete, integrated on-demand solution, others are more interested in an environment that allows them to combine on-demand and on-premise software. So customers have a choice between solutions that run on premise or in the cloud as hosted, pay as you use services,” said Mr Waititu.

He revealed that  SAP has unveiled a new solution that manages huge volumes of data for companies.

“We have the challenge of Big Data. SAP recognised that more and more companies are struggling to gain meaningful insight into the data they have due to the sheer amount of information they collect on a day to day basis, to help solve this problem SAP broke completely new ground with the introduction of the in memory computing device HANA.

SAP HANA is a combination of hardware and software specifically made to process massive real time data using in-memory analytics, an approach that queries data stored in random access memory (RAM) instead of on hard disk or flash storage.

The CIO 100 survey is based on how the companies were able to create competitive advantage, optimising business processes, enabling growth or improving relationships with customers.
A team of judges drawn from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia will review the applications and make initial recommendations about each entrant.
Each application will be read by members of the CIO 100 judging panel, who will rate it on a scale for each criterion. Final selections will be confirmed with all scores being kept confidential.
The number of entries will ultimately be reviewed to the top 100.


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