Intel, safaricom launch campaign to promote e-learning in primary and secondary schools

Intel Kenya Country manager Omar Bajaber (left) explains the new E-Learning solution. Picture| Courtesy

Intel Kenya Country manager Omar Bajaber (right) explains the new E-Learning solution. Picture| Courtesy

Intel Corporation has partnered with Safaricom in an e-learning initiative aimed at promoting use of computers among primary and secondary schools in Kenya.

 The initiative aims to foster use of cutting edge technology to improve education standards and targets school going children aged between 9-18 years.

Dubbed “Explore, Play Learn the Fun Safe Way,” the project visions at helping young ones use computers as a learning, and entertainment tool, while at the same time making sure that they are protected from inappropriate content and risks that come with surfing the Web.

Intel country manager Omar Bajaber believes that broadband penetration is a key contributor to the GDP of the country.

“To drive our economy we need to invest in broadband, education and local value add content. Making broadband affordable will have positive implications for our economy. This program is projected to increase broadband penetration as well as providing technology tools to help our children in their education and to assist Parents adopt technology to improve their personal lives.” says Bajaber.

“The partnership between Intel and Safaricom ties in with our mission to increase access to education, improve the quality of education and help our children receive high quality education that equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the 21st century economy,” adds Bajaber.

“Children learn by exploring and playing. For it to be effective it has to be fun for the young ones and more importantly we want them to do that while protecting them from the dangers associated with the Internet”.

Bajaber added that providing technology access and IT skills to students was a cornerstone for future innovation and individual opportunity in the competitive global marketplace.

The parties have partnered together to develop a best-in-home model for deploying ICT in education. The project includes a laptop of choice bundled with Safaricom Data, Education Content for K12, Encyclopedia Britannica, British Council, Free Games, Entertainment and Business Software, Intel PC Basics for First time users and McAfee Family Pack license for 3 Years which helps in protecting users from inappropriate content on the Web.

In addition, Intel and Safaricom will work together to increase PC penetration – new laptop purchases – through attracting new customers for the mobile company by offering affordable laptops and broadband.

Safaricom Head of Consumer Segment Rita Okuthe said the company would continue to mine value in partnerships with companies that share the vision of increasing the uptake of data-based learning among Kenyan communities.

“As the biggest investor in internet infrastructure in Kenya, Safaricom strongly believes in the internet’s potency as a tool for providing solutions to societal needs. Education is one such and we come to this partnership with the conviction that it will serve to advance e-leaning among our children,” said Ms Okuthe.

She said that Safaricom would continue supporting efforts to make data content relevant to local, Kenyan needs as a way of pushing for increased uptake and penetration, especially in under-served areas.

Government data indicates that nine out of every 10 Kenyans who use the internet regularly do so through the Safaricom network.

The network includes the country widest and pioneer 3G network, a robust and unmatched WIMAX presence and a growing cable reach across Kenya.


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