Samsung pays tribute to Steve Jobs

He started for a point of nothing and hopelessness but he made it

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics said Thursday it was saddened by the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, calling him a “great entrepreneur” with an innovative spirit.

The two firms are embroiled in a bitter patent row but Samsung chief G.S. Choi said: “Chairman Steve Jobs introduced numerous revolutionary changes to the information technology industry and was a great entrepreneur.”

“His innovative spirit and remarkable accomplishments will forever be remembered by people around the world,” he said in a statement, adding the Korean company was saddened by Jobs’ death.

Jobs died in the United States at the age of 56 on Wednesday after losing a long battle with cancer.
Samsung, the world’s number two mobile phone maker, has been competing against Apple in global smartphone and tablet computer markets led by the US technology giant’s iconic iPhone and iPad.

The two rivals have launched a series of patent lawsuits around the world, accusing each other of infringing technologies and designs of their smartphones and tablet PCs.

Samsung said Wednesday it would seek a ban in France and Italy on sales of Apple’s newly released iPhone 4S, in the latest round of legal battles underway in nations including Australia, Germany and the Netherlands.


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