KDN unveils a state-of-the-art data centre

By James Ratemo in Nairobi
Kenya Data Networks (KDN) has finally unveiled its state-of-the art eco-friendly data centre which will serve East and Central Africa.

The ultra modern KDN-data-centre

Located at Sameer Park, off Mombasa road the data centre is proposed for hosting applications to serve international and local businesses.
It is expected that the centre will relieve the region from having to seek back-up services in Europe and America.
Breaking ground for the Sh600milliion centre in December 2009 Kenya Prime Minister, Raila Odinga said the Government was keen on making Kenya a green economy by 2020.
Powered by solar energy, the data centre housed at Sameer Businesss Park, shall serve Kenya, and other African countries willing to safeguard essential data under a world class, secure environment.
Technology employed in building the centre will ensure the structure can withstand even a bomb attack. The centre is classified at security level seven, which is the highest in the world; similar to that used by United NATIONS and top intelligence agencies across the world to secure data.
The data centre will cut gas emissions and energy use through an improved architectural design that has adopted use the latest solar-power technology to provide the energy requirements of the facility.
According to KDN officials the data centre is designed for disaster recovery and host mission-critical computer systems with fully redundant systems, and compartmentalised security zones.
ICT experts say many companies spend between two to four per cent of their budget on disaster recovery planning. Completion of the data storage facility is therefore expected to save the companies from losses and damage resulting from interruptions of their infrastructure and data.
Foundation stone for the data centre was laid in December 2009 by Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.
KDN partneredwith Teldor Cables & Systems to supply and deploy a fibre optic network to be used in the new data centre. Teldor Cables works through a local partner, Amiran Communications, a Telecommunications Company.
In this partnership Teldor C&S design, supplied components, supported a Building Management Systems and undertook a fibre optic network layout within the data centre.


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