G4S Unveils Advanced Security System

Integrated Security Solutions Company G4S East Africa, has introduced an ultramodern security solution that combines human and machine contributions to offer enhanced security.
The Symmetry Access Control System seeks to centralize and control all building security systems for ease of management and increased level of security.
Though the basic security elements remain, the delivery of the system changes to offer faster response to insecurity by turning data into information that can be used to respond to security concerns much faster by speeding up incident analysis.
G4S Technology MD, International Sales, Mr. David Young, speaking at the Launch, said “It is like a Swiss army knife, it will do everything for you to meet all your security requirements.”
Among the unique components of the new solution is video verification which allows one to choose information they want displayed on their computer in order to identify personnel getting in and out, and within their premises. This way, one can control the access of people within property with an option to deny access.
With the new system, one can set the levels of threat identifiers they want through the Threat Level Management component.

This regulates what level of employees or personnel can access specific areas within the premises.
Other special attributed of the new product include video playback which shows video footage on what transpired before and after an incident.
The Identity Visitor Definition enables one to create visitor cards that are connected to the centralized system. With this software, an email alert prompts the user once a visitor has arrived and indicates the location of the visitor at the moment.

In addition it allows the user to create a badge with information on the visitor and determine regular visitors who retain these badges according to frequency and terminate details of one time visitors.
The security systems also includes Under Vehicle Search that show any suspicious cargo, video analytics that remove unnecessary motion for security cameras located on poles and detect any tampering on the same and automated detection of unusual behavior.
Fred Kinywa, the Regional Director, Integrated Security Solutions, East Africa, said the solution is more practical in Kenya as it is integrated to reduce human intervention spend.
“But there is localized capability, if the system goes offline it continues to function locally and when it comes back online, synchronization takes place.” He added.

The unified building security and total integration aspect of the Access Control System sets it apart from the traditional security systems as it is based on interface with all parts of security.

Built as an access control system, it can integrate with video, intrusion, building management functions such as, energy, lighting control, additional monitoring which is the most important component as it empowers security managers to improve on productivity.
In response to unsustainable source of power, there is a 24 hour back up on the Symmetry Access Control System allowing for continuous control and monitoring before restoration of electricity.
Kinywa said that in addition to the back up already set up systems have, the extra back up offered by the unit is reliable enough to keep one updated on the security of their buildings and property.


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