Mobility goes a notch higher with Samsung Galaxy S2

Smartphone technology goes a notch higher with Samsung Galaxy s2

Smartphone technology has gone a notch higher with Samsung Galaxy S II which the Korean firm deems as its best smartphone so far. Communication and entertainment on the smartphone are simply unrivalled on the android platform that is increasingy becoming popular among techies

Running Android 2.3.3 from the outset the touch screen phone is simply a gadget to reckon. It’s also packing TouchWiz 4.0, the latest version and a real upgrade from earlier versions.

Coming with a 1.2GHz Samsung Orion CPU, super-slim chassis and feather-light interiors the smartphone embodies latest technology in mobile video and photography.

The dual 1.2GHz processor means the Galaxy S2 can keep up with whatever you throw at it without a hint of slowdown thus a good choice for techies who spend most time browsing or performing many tasks at the same time over the phone.

One thing you’ll notice when you first pick up the Galaxy S2 is its super AMOLED screen. At  4.3 inches the screen crisp clear making watching videos and photos an exciting experience.

Expected to be released to the Kenyan market around mid this month (August) the Samsung Galaxy S2 is incomparably thin amongst smart phones with dimensions of 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm, rivalling the likes of the iPhone 4.

The phone comes with many exciting applications that makes video and photo editing easy. Applications that make accessing the Internet through the phone exciting are some of the nuggets that makes its menu rich and enticing.

The phone is crazy-light too weighing just 116g making it a favourite even among users who abhor wider phones that need large palms to operate.

Pulling up an application or simply scrolling through reams of photos, the Galaxy S2 touch capabilities are simply amazing probably rivaling those of the iPhone5  and Nokia E7.

Other critics however think the large screen may make reaching all areas of the display slightly tricky in one hand, especially for those with small palms, but that’s a rarity, and a secondary hand can easily be called in.

The phone comes with dual-core processor and has instant video and photo sharing capability to boost its Bluetooth functionality.

Video shooting, editing and photo editing have been made easier with the quality therein already making it a favorite among techies and multimedia journalists.

The front of the phone is pretty sparse, with the home key the only piece of furniture on offer. This rectangular button flanks two touch-sensitive buttons – Menu and Back.

The volume keys are located on the left-hand side, and the power/lock key is on the opposite flank; both are easy enough to hit without error, and crucially the travel on the power key is softer so that it’s much easier to hit when you’re juggling it in the palm.

The 3.5mm headphone jack lives on the top of the phone, bucking the lower placement on other 4.3-inch screen phones, and the microUSB slot (which also doubles as an HDMI out port) lives on the bottom.

The  other key feature to  note is the 8.1MP camera with single LED flash on the rear making the Galaxy S2 a perfect companion in photo sessions and video shooting sprees.


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  1. Apparently, Samsung seems to value the African market more compared to Nokia who continue to unveil low end phones in Africa and high end phones in America, Europe and Asia.

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