LG unveils Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray 3D DVD player

Technology is changing fast and so is the arena of entertainment.Courtesy of innovation, LG Electronics (LG) has taken entertainment experience to another level via its latest Blu-ray 3D Player, BD670.The  player combines the best in 3D entertainment, all the content options of LG Smart TV and seamless connectivity with other digital devices.

With its seamless connectivity ability, the BD670’s Wi-Fi Direct lets viewers stream multimedia content directly to other devices without the need for a separate internet connection.

At the same time, users can also download a special app for their iPod touch, iPhone or Android-based mobile phone that turns the handset into a remote control for the BD670.

Through the app, viewers will be able to do everything from adjusting the volume to searching for content on a touch screen QWERTY keyboard.

According to George Mudhune,LG Electronics, Regional marketing manager, East and Central Africa, the BD670 boasts an easy-to-use onscreen interface that offers direct and simple access to a wide range of premium content.

As well as top-tier global content providers including YouTube and global VOD companies, the BD670 provides access to a range of locally sourced material so that viewers can enjoy the very best shows and movies from their region:

“The BD670’s Smart TV functions also mean viewers can take advantage of the growing selection of LG Apps. Coming in five categories – Life, Entertainment, Games, Information and Education – the apps are custom designed for use on TVs, offering fun, exciting and educational options for the whole family, “said Mudhune.

With the range of 3D Blu-ray content now growing fast, the BD670 provides an ideal platform for enjoying 3D movies and shows on some of LG’s sharpest, most realistic 3D images yet:

“It’s no longer enough to offer great content, 3D or easy Internet access – today’s viewers demand it all from a single source that’s easy and intuitive to use,” said Mudhune. “In this way, the BD670 is the future of home entertainment, delivering all the content you’ll ever need from a box so slender and elegant, you’ll barely notice it’s there.”

Additionally, Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) functionality makes content options almost limitless by enabling easy access to movies and pictures stored on other DLNA-friendly devices, such as digital cameras or PCs.

For viewers with a library of standard and Blu-ray titles, LG’s players also use 1080p up-scaling of standard DVDs for a near high-definition viewing experience – no matter what format is being played.


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