Misys, Seven Seas Technologies partner to wade deeper into East Africa

By James Ratemo in Nairobi

As East Africa becomes increasingly attractive as an ICT hub, international technology companies are moving in to share in the bloom.

Misys, the global application software and services company has signed a strategic partnership with Seven Seas Technologies to support sales and marketing campaigns and speed implementation and delivery of services to customers in East African.

The partnership comes in the wake of major developments in the ICT sector in Kenya, with an increase in mobile phone and Internet penetration, and increased awareness and access to software products.

Seven Seas Technologies (SST) will provide localised features, integration support, project management and implementation services around Misys solutions, with a focus on Universal Banking, in the region.

It is expected that the combined strength of the two companies will lead to faster implementations, a broader set of resources available for customers backed up by a skilled team of professional services people with local domain knowledge and expertise.

Speaking in Nairobi after signing the new partnership, Mr Mike Macharia, CEO of Seven Seas technologies said the exponential growth of the banking industry in Kenya had come with its unique challenges and that banks had to apply cutting-edge technology and software solutions to remain relevant.

“At SST have recognized the opportunity for transformational IT to play a major role in marking out the leaders from the also-runs in the financial services industry, and we have put together a strong and comprehensive service offering which will support financial institutions to be more efficient,” Macharia said.

“This new partnership will extend SST’s service and product portfolio to enable the company to provide solutions to cover other important areas such as electronic channels, call centers, business intelligence, and application process integration.”

“As we see the market for financial services solutions expand in East Africa, we are delighted to sign this strategic partnership with one of the leading services companies in the region,” Erin Smith, the Managing Director for Misys Africa said.

“We look forward to going to market jointly and being able to add value to our clients’ businesses through this extended team of experts alongside us,” said Smith.

Kenya has is the nerve centre of innovative mobile money transfer service MPesa, run by Safaricom, and is revolutionalising her Internet infrastructure following a shift from over reliance on satellite to fibre optic connectivity.

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