New asset tracking technology comes to Kenya

Asset tracking revolutionalised
New asset tracking service launched in Kenya

By a click on your phone, it is now possible to track your own car or and even stop a carjacker by immobilizing your stolen car.

In a new partnership between a Finland company, Tramigo and G4S, a risk management and protection company, car and asset owners can now access the tracking service on top of other G4S services.

“The technology is for motor vehicle owners who are conscious about security and care for their assets. The device is installed on the customer’s vehicle and monitored using GPS. Location information of vehicles is relayed through the GSM network (similar to one used by mobile telephony companies) to any GSM, smart phone, computer.”

The technology is compatible with 4200 phone models. Fleet management software is available for java based phones Nokia smart phone and personal computers free of charge.

Dubbed Portatrack the new tracking device comes with a panic button, which a driver presses in case of danger to attract immediate response from G4S or selected people.

The system also empowers users to cross check whether the tracking devices installed on their vehicles are operational and take the role of initiating response and recovery.

Launching the new service in Nairobi, G4S Security Services Director, Mr Martin Otiti said the user in distress can, through an automatically generated message, notify G4S for response or even have the device report to the rescuer automatically.

“The solution offers vehicle owners the opportunity to track their vehicles at any given time…the solution can be programmed to report over speeding, vehicle location to any GSM phone,” said Otiti.

Unique too is that an asset owner can enlist up to nine other people who can respond incase of a distress making the rescue or recovery mission even quicker.

Also in the pipeline is a similar technology but for tracking people.

“People can also use the gadget to track their loved ones like children, one only needs to have the loved one carry the gadget which then transmits to selected phones, the exact location of the gadget holder,” explained Paul Geuzebroek, Tamigo Regional Partner.


6 responses to “New asset tracking technology comes to Kenya

  1. Milimoh Amusavi

    I would like to access details on how to protect power transformers which are are being stolen by thievies for copper and siphoning of oil.
    Tracking system should take note of the Copper windings which are immersed in oil, the equipment used should be one that can be embedded in the core windings without detection.Theft of transformers is on the increase and for this reason am carring out research to identify the best system that can be adopted by Kenya power Lighting to reduce or combat theft/ vandalism.

  2. Milimoh Amusavi

    Thanks.That information is good for car tracking. The system used can be customized to detect intruders at the substations/transformers or copper/transformer oil thieves.
    I believe it is possible with more information to design a product that can detect and send information to central server/police station for rapid response.
    Please provide us with more information.

  3. Milimoh Amusavi

    Thanks.That information is good for car tracking. additional information is required transformer protection.

  4. I request for more information on tracking devices from your organisation.

  5. Please send me more information about car tracking. Thanks in advance.

  6. josiah kaburu

    i am in Kenya,Mombasa,n i would need the
    contact numbers of the mombasa g4s

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