Is there any merit in the Kenya Communications Ammendment Act 2008?

It ain’t an ugly law anymore…it was like a gold piece wrapped in carcass…what we needed was to take off the carcass and flourish in the gold.

The law was first painted as an affront on the media and it enjoyed extensive negative coverage. Activists were arrested and journalists harassed as they took into the streets to oppose the law.

When President Kibaki signed the act into law, there was an uproar that moved him into directing fresh talks to clear the ‘offending clauses’. But as experts now agree, the law is a saviour to the industry. I read with keen interest the commentary of Lawyer Michael Murungi at his blog where he unravelled the positive aspects of the law.

As a report in the Standard Newspaper too reported a few months ago, there was danger to throw the baby with bath water. The new law is a facilitator of a paperless economy (see the story) Lets use the law to grow the ICT industry which is increasingly becoming a keyeconomic pillar.

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