Mpesa in Uganda…why the delay!

If you cant provide it , they will steal it…this is absolutely true with popular services across the globe…consumers are so thirsty of services and when  providers delay to offer the service, unscrupulous dealers will step in to make a kill…often to the detriment of consumers.

It will be interesting to watch the Mpesa theft in Uganda unveil…I am informed that some dealers have been offering the service behind Safaricom’s back.

This is what the Safaricom Limited CEO, Michael Joseph says:

“We do not have permission to operate M-Pesa in Uganda and therefore have no Safaricom agents there. What is happening is that some people are using Safaricom SIM cards there and using the M-Pesa functionality to facilitate transfers and payments. Theoretically if both parties are on Safaricom and there are (illegal) M-Pesa agents there then the service will and does work. We are looking at ways of restricting this but as you can imagine it’s quite difficult without impeding other services such as voice and data. When the CBK authorize our International Money Transfer service then we can set up official agents in Uganda and then exercise stronger control.”

Safaricom is the Kenyan mobile phone operator   behind the Mpesa-a booming mobile money transfer service.

as reported by the Ugandan newspaper, The Independent, I understand the company is investigating illegal use of the service the M-Pesa in Uganda, which, according to stakeholders  opens a fresh regulatory challenge to the providers.

\”Kenyan students and businessmen have been using the service in Kampala for months at a premium fee from agents who are mostly Kenyans. Though Safaricom has entered into a partnership with mobile telephony firm MTN (Uganda) to offer voice and SMS services, the firm insists it’s yet to unveil M-Pesa in Uganda. Ugandan authorities claim they are not aware of any such service within their jurisdiction, and have launched investigations into the matter,\” reads the report in part.

The  scandal emerged after  a number of  unsuspecting users called to complain that the service had been hit by an operational hitch for more than a week.


One response to “Mpesa in Uganda…why the delay!

  1. my name is sospeter and would like to invest greatlly in uganda but since the m-pesa services arent available am reluctant to invest i hope the new management would speed up its operations

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