A lesson for Kenya from Germany

When I landed in Germany early this month (February), the weather made me shrink and I did not think life would be exciting for the two months I was to ‘waste’ in the chilly winter season.

Germans love dogs…back home dogs are not such a darling. But the transport system here is superb and many prefer using trains and buses to their own cars. It simply makes sense and contributes immensely to taming air and sound pollution

garbaging in style

garbaging in style

…when I go back home i will share this with my transport Minister.

But immediately I was ushered into my guest house, something struck my attention…yes it was about waste management.

They sort it out at the original not like back home where everything is lumped together , both organic and inorganic, ending up in messy dump sites across the country.

Across Berlin each neighbourhood has a modernised dumpsite with bins earmarked for specific wastes.

Glass is thrown here, plastic there, electronics here and organic (food remains) there…its just so brilliant an idea.

it also makes it easier for the garbage man and even more exciting for the recyclers.

Countrymen and women, is this not a lesson worthwhile for generations to come.

Consider having such an arrangement in your house and be part of the green movement…


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